Iowa Stormwater Education Program

Soil Quality Restoration

Healthy soil is the key to preventing polluted runoff. As buildings and houses are built top soil is removed and the remaining sub-soil is compacted by all the grading and construction activity. The owner is left with heavily compacted subsoils, usually with high clay content and little organic matter after construction is complete.

Lawns with good soil quality reduce the need for watering, and minimize the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Yards with poor, compacted soil contribute to water quality problems due to their inability to infiltrate and absorb water or make it available to turfgrass. Compacted soil also requires more fertilizers and pesticides, both of which could end up in runoff and eventually adding to pollution in our local creek and streams.

Soil quality restoration is so simple - start by reducing soil compaction and increasing organic matter content with the addition of compost.


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