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Streambank / Shoreline Stabilization

Stream corridors and the flood plain buffers along each side of the stream serve as multi-purpose green infrastructure, providing area needed to stabilize and maintain stream channels, allowing for the installation and maintenance of infrastructure, and offering community enhancing amenities such as trails.

Once streams banks are allowed to erode they can be difficult and costly to fix. Especially in an urban setting, where streams are fragmented by residential lot ownership making it difficult to get full cooperation for a project that treats the stream as a “system."

Stream channel stabilization is a complex undertaking involving a comprehensive survey and engineering design for successful stabilization. 

Luckily, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has developed a decision-making tool to help guide successful streambank restoration projects. Check out the River Restoration Toolbox for more information.



REAP - IDNR funds shoreline restoration at Gray's Lake in Des Moines.

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