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Soil Quality Restoration

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Permeable Pavement

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Native Landscaping

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Your "hydrologic footprint" is the amount of stormwater runoff your property generates during a one inch rain. Fill in the blanks and you receive a runoff report to help you decide how and how much rainwater to capture where it falls.

There is a multitude of brochures and publications available that describes the Rainscaping program, each individual practice and the concept of Rainscaping on a watershed level.  In addition to the brochures, you'll also find interesting research and reports in support Rainscaping and Green Infrastructure.

We've recorded webinars so training is as easy as getting on-line!  You choose from a variety of Rainscaping practices and we provide the links you need to begin learning.  You decide if watching the webinar is the only thing you want to do or if you'd like to take the next step to become a Certified Rainscaper in Design and / or Construction of  the Rainscaping practices.


Learn more about stormwater including a current Calendar of Events!

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Check out the Living Roadway Trust Fund Native Plant & On-line Database!

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