Iowa Stormwater Education Program

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Your "hydrologic footprint" is the amount of stormwater runoff your property generates during a one inch rain. Fill in the blanks and you receive a runoff report to help you decide how and how much rainwater to capture where it falls.

There are a multitude of brochures and publications available that describe the Rainscaping program, each individual practice, and the concept of Rainscaping on a watershed level.

Whether you want to become a Certified Rainscaper or not - we've recorded webinars so training is as easy as getting on-line!  You choose from a variety of Rainscaping practices and we provide the link you need to start learning.

New for 2017 and the Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership / Rainscaping Iowa line-up of continuing education.  Iowa Green Stormwater Infrastructure training is a Certificate (not a certification program).  There are seven webinars that cover eleven hours of content.  The Certificate must be renewed every three years.


Learn more about stormwater including a current Calendar of Events!

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Check out the Living Roadway Trust Fund Native Plant & On-line Database!

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